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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

The most suitable age to start drum lessons is around ages 6-7, as most children will have developed enough coordination, self-control, and focus to start individual drum lessons. They will be able to follow instruction and guidance from a teacher.

4 indications that your child is ready to start drum lessons:

Rhythmic sense: If your child is tapping rhythms with their hands, singing drum beats, and has the ability to keep consistent timing when dancing or singing, that’s one clear sign.

Motivation to learn: If your child shows interest and excitement to learn drums, that’s another clear sign.

Physical requirement: If they can keep a firm grip on the drumstick and have a minimum height of 110cm and above, they will be able to reach the cymbals and control the pedals with their feet.

Commitment and Discipline: Once your child is mature enough to take on the commitment of learning and discipline to practice in their daily routines, they are ready to begin drum lessons!

It’s never too late to start learning, but it is always best to start early. Starting at a suitable age allows your child to realize their potential. More details on our Junior Drum Course

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