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Rockschool was founded on an ethos to provide innovative, contemporary qualifications for music and the arts. 

Rockschool delivers the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications designed to support aspiring artists, educators and teaching establishments – wherever they may be.

Contemporary - Graded Music Exams

The Benchmark for The Modern Drummer


Rockschool music qualifications are tailor-made for the contemporary musician. Ranging from introductory grades all the way up to university-level degrees - we ensure your hard work is rewarded by a valuable qualification regardless of your age or musical ability. 

Ability to Specialise

For every drum grade, students can plot their stylistic specialism, helping develop an in-depth understanding of the type of playing they identify with, whether this is pop, rock, metal, blues, country, funk, jazz or reggae.

Exciting Repertoire

Hand-picked tunes from some of the world’s biggest artists across a diverse range of genres, the Rockschool drums repertoire provide students with an expansive song choice to use in their exams and practice sessions.

Recognised Session Musicians

Our backing tracks feature some of the top session musicians in the industry with recording credits alongside the likes of Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and various other iconic artists.

UCAS Points

For Grades 6, 7 and 8, you can supersize your university application, with up to 30 UCAS points awarded at Grade 8.


  • Debut to Grade 2
    RM250 monthly for 30mins weekly, termly RM750 

  • Grade 3 to 5
    RM375 monthly for 45mins weekly, termly RM1125

  • Grade 6 to 8

       RM500 monthly for 60mins weekly, termly RM1500

  • Fees are paid in terms (3 months)

  • 11 lessons per term

  • Lessons are conducted 1 to 1

Exam Session

  • There are 3 exam sessions yearly

  •  1st session - Apr / May

       2nd session - Aug / Sept

       3rd session - Nov / Dec

Trial Class

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