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The SOD Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The SOD Team is an experienced group of passionate musicians dedicated to teaching drumming at all levels. With the ability to customize lessons according to each student's individual needs and objectives, the SOD Team truly makes a difference!

They strive to create an educational setting that is inclusive and encouraging, encouraging students to feel a part of the community.

James Heu

James enjoys working with people who share his commitment to honest work, creativity, and humor.


He believes that we learn more from our failures than our successes, so it is important to be comfortable with failure and how one can grow by learning from it.

Jessica Chen

If you're looking to learn from a teacher who is young at heart, gets along well with kids, you're looking at her right here!


Jessica is a loving mom of twins and an encouraging presence in the lives of those around her.


As a performer and as an educator, his pursuit to better his craft is never-ending.


A teacher at front, but forever a student hungry to perfect his drums, his music, and himself.

Stephanie Lim

Stephanie is a friendly, and adventurous person who likes to look for new experiences.

Her natural charisma around people, will have you feel comfortable and at ease during lessons.

Danny Chen

Danny is a man with a vision and is committed to delivering excellence.


He cares about the people in his community and wants to improve their quality of life.

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