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Little Drummer

Our kids drum course is tailored to children aged 4-6 years and provides an exciting and engaging introduction to percussion.


Through fun lessons, young drummers will master rhythm, timing, coordination and motor skills through child-friendly teaching methods that provide a safe environment for kids to express themselves through drumming.


By emphasizing creativity and play, our course hopes to spark a lifelong passion for music while building a solid foundation for future musical endeavors.

Development of Musicianship skills

  • Understanding rhythms & counting

  • Learning music theory

  • Time value

  • Basic chart-readings

Development of Technical skills

  • Rudiments

  • Essential drum set techniques

  • Basic drum beat 

  • Moving between drum voices

  • Basic hand-foot coordination

Development of Aural skills

  • Rhythmic accuracy and a sense of pulse

Development of Musical skills

  • Song playing

  • Learning simple phrases, beats, and fills


  • Age 4 to 6yo

  • Physical requirement would be 110cm of height and above.  


  • RM 300 monthly 

  • Instruction is provided on a one-on-one basis

  • Classes will occur weekly

Trial Class

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