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Little Drummer

Little Drummer

Little Drummer

Our kids drum course is tailored to children aged 4-6 years and provides an exciting and engaging introduction to percussion.


Through fun lessons, young drummers will master rhythm, timing, coordination and motor skills through child-friendly teaching methods that provide a safe environment for kids to express themselves through drumming.


By emphasizing creativity and play, our course hopes to spark a lifelong passion for music while building a solid foundation for future musical endeavors.

Development of Musicianship skills

  • Understanding rhythms & counting

  • Learning music theory

  • Time value

  • Basic chart-readings

Development of Technical skills

  • Rudiments

  • Essential drum set techniques

  • Basic drum beat 

  • Moving between drum voices

  • Basic hand-foot coordination

Development of Aural skills

  • Rhythmic accuracy and a sense of pulse

Development of Musical skills

  • Song playing

  • Learning simple phrases, beats, and fills


  • Age 4 to 6yo

  • Physical requirement would be 110cm of height and above.  


  • 11 classes | 30 minutes weekly | 3 months 

  • 45 or 60 minutes, both available to suit your preferences

  • Instruction is provided on a one-on-one basis

  • Celebrate our 10th Anniversary with an exclusive promotion, offering special prices and substantial monthly savings ranging from RM 50 to an impressive RM 100.

Trial Class

Fee Structure

30 minutes
RM 378
RM 1134
45 minutes
RM 567
RM 1701
60 minutes
RM 756
RM 2268
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*The fees displayed are inclusive of SST (Sales and Service Tax)

10th Anniversary

Promo Price

30 minutes
RM 324
RM 972
45 minutes
RM 486
RM 1458
60 minutes
RM 648
RM 1944
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*The fees displayed are inclusive of SST (Sales and Service Tax)

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