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Premium Drum Education

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Drumming and music is the foundation of all we do.

We take pride in our professionalism and constantly benchmark our processes and performance.

This ensures we provide high quality teaching and outcomes.

  1. Specialize in music and drumming education.

  • All tutors are hand-picked, experienced, skilled in music teaching and with good character

  • Tutors are professionals and trained


  2. Infrastructure that we build, industry standard instruments and facilities

  • Sound proof and acoustic treated rooms

  • Industry standard and professional instruments

  • Proper and complete equipment to facilitate learning

  • Recording facilities

  • Performance hall equip with professional sound and lighting system


  3. Music Examination Center

  • Rockschool official Examination Center

  • Recognition from Rockschool exam board

  • Offers full range of Rockschool examination certification till diploma

  4. Events and activities

  • Quarterly performance and recitals

  • Music workshop and seminars for students

  • Group learning sessions

  • Band playing

  • Ensemble playing


  5. Teaching Syllabus and pedagogy

  • Systematic and interactive teaching approaches

  • Guided, pace and progressive learning

  • Flexible and customizable to suit different needs

  • Multimedia base learning

  • Interactive teaching style