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Danny started his musical journey at the age of 7yo. Along the way he learned and played various instruments. His interest in drums begin when he started playing in Church. Since then he was exposed to various performing platforms, from charity concerts to musical productions. After few years of playing music professionally, he was approached to be involved in music education and teaching drums.

Despite knowing little about teaching, he ventured into it and he found passion in music education and begin to explore effective and appropriate teaching pedagogy. Eventually he completed his Rockschool drums grade 8 qualification. Later on, he pursued and attained Rockschool teaching diplomas and was coaching others to prepare for the course. His involvement in rockschool led him to organized Malaysia’s first drum camp in 2014.  


Having teaching for 20 years, he had the privileged to pass on his knowledge to equip and trained some drum tutors and students. His passion in teaching and love for music brought him to various places conducting music workshops, camps and seminar. His vision is to see the younger generations of musician to be properly trained and educated.

In 2019, Dixon Drums Company endorsed him as Dixon Artist for his recognition and contribution to drumming education.